Closeup Plant

So I’m finally taking my macro lens out and testing the waters! I really don’t consider myself a nature photographer, but had fun doing this any ways! I also shot this with a great depth of field (more was sharp). I tend to prefer macro photos where only a little is sharp and the rest …

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Alright, so this is more of a personal blog entry. I recently became engaged to Robert, and this is my beautiful Sapphire ring! Ok, so it’s not so recent, it’s been since July. But still. Educational Note: The photo is backlit with window light. The background looks a bit blue, because it is–it’s the sky!

Paper Clip

I just recently purchased a macro lens, which I am SO excited about. Here’s one of my first photos with it. This is a paperclip in my office. I received my package from B and H Photo, quickly opened it like a child on Christmas, and had to take a quick few photos to test-her-out. …

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