Hot Cold

I’m always drawn to old things like this. This bathtub and bathroom are in the St. Francis Building. I know I talk about how I get a bit frightened while in that building by myself, but it really is a beautiful building inside and out. Each apartment is full of these beautiful old details such …

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Look Up

Here’s my challenge to you: Look up. It’s that simple. Look up. When you’re walking around uptown, look up at the architecture and take notice of how rich those old buildings are with detail. There is a reason the Vernacular Architecture Forum was in Butte last summer. And, it was kind of a big deal. …

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Brick Details

This is part of an old entry way to a building on Wyoming Street, just north of the new BSW. The way the brick is designed is very interesting, and I wish I would have been around to see the building back when it was kept up and Butte was in all its glory.