Butte Dogs!

I had such an awesome time at this puppy photo shoot! I took more than 1,000 photos in a one-hour period of time. That’s crazy considering I usually shoot 1,100- 1,500 photos for a wedding…But this photo shoot had a lot of action, like sports. So I shot off a TON of photos one after …

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Part 5: Roadtrip back to Butte!

We drove 13 hours from Lake Tahoe to Butte. This man was in Nevada, traveling who knows where. I shot the photo from the passenger window of our rental car. I gave him about a dollar in change and he was mad that was all I gave him.

Delmo Lake

It was a beautiful day out today. It would have been a shame NOT to have spent it outside. Delmo Lake had quite a bit of traffic even though the camp ground was closed. There were a few tents pitched near the road and others fishing or just enjoying the picnic tables. I believe Delmo …

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