East Ridge

Antelope Head

This is an antelope head nailed to a post, which sits on my roof. No, it’s not my doing, and if I had it my way it probably wouldn’t be there. I don’t mind antlers, but a rotting animal head is just gross.

Pulley Retake

So yes, again, this is another reshoot. BUT this was taken with about 5 horizontal shots. So this photo could be printed pretty huge. And it’s not cropped. Hopefully I’m not boring people with re-shoots. I don’t feel very creative when I’m basically copying myself. But it’s for a project.

Storm Clouds

The sky this morning was blue and sunny except for fog on the East Ridge. Two hours later the storm clouds were rolling in and, soon after, came the hail and then snow. Here’s a photo of the storm clouds with a little sun still hitting the mountains. After that is a sped up video …

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I was leaving my studio, and barely decided to grab my camera. I decided I would, “just in case,” even though I already had a photo to post. I started driving down Mercury St., and when I hit Arizona St. I saw a rainbow, pulled over, and it faded as I was taking photos. So …

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Train Tracks

This is a photo of train tracks on the East Ridge, with a sepia tone added. I volunteer at the Photo Archives (part of the World Museum of Mining) and I guess my hour up there today affected my treatment of the photo. I really enjoy browsing through historical photos, so that must have been …

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