Fenced Out

This is a photo of the fence that blocks the way into the Mt. Con Mine area. The blurry background shows the mine. I used my little point and shoot again to get the closeup of the fence.

Fenced In

It’s been a while since I photographed traffic. Here’s another perspective of I-90 looking west into Butte from the top of the Sheridan Overpass. The bridge was shaking and vibrating as vehicles drove directly under me. And the high-pitched buzzing and whooshing of semi’s traveling 75 mph was almost scary. The fence made me feel …

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I just got back from taking this and more photos. Right after I started driving to take photos it started raining. I pulled into the parking lot between CJ’s and Gilligans and sat in my car and took photos of this fence as well as the trains. The raindrops built up on my window. I …

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