fire escape

Spiral Fire Escape

I’ve always thought this spiral fire escape was neat, and have photographed it a few times…I’m not really all that happy with the end result. I’m thinking about going back with a flash to the left of the fire escape to make it pop out from the wall more…

BPOE Fire Escape

photographer favorites.” I noticed that in the beginning months, I had a lot more that I liked on a higher level. I think I’ve progressively gotten lazy with my photo-a-day. I would drive around until I found one thing that looked interesting, and would take photos of that one thing until I found a decent …

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This is a single photo duplicated twice, rotaded and cropped. It’s the fire escape and its shadow in the alley between Park and Broadway Streets.

Fire Escape

I went back to the same alley as a few days ago, the same as the “door” photo. The sun was starting to go down, so the light in the alley turned on and lit part of the building. Also, I drove past the bridge I took photos of yesterday, and it’s Nevada Street.