head frame

Travonia Rainbow

Montana has amazing rainbows. I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere else. It seems like 50% of the times it rains there is a rainbow, and half of those have double rainbows (note: these statistics are completely and totally made up, it’s just my opinion, not scientific). While this photo only has one rainbow in …

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Fools Gold

It was a struggle for me to figure out a unique angle to photograph the Bell Diamond Mine. Why? Because I photograph it ALL the time! I stuck my camera through the fence for the wide-angle and low shot. The sun was coming from the East, which back lit this photograph beautifully. It has this …

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Original Shadows

It was around 4:15 pm when I took this dramatic photo of the Original Mine. The sun was low and back lit the head frame, causing the long, dark shadows. The white snow is a good contrast to the dark shadows, versus the normally gray grass.