historic uptown butte


Christie Transfer is in the warehouse area near Butte High School. The buildings in this area have a lot of character, some still being used like the building housing Christie Transfer, others looking vacant but still being used (the Newbro Drug Co building), and others not in use and boarded up.

Burglar Alarm

When I think of the word “burglar,” for some reason I think of the ham-burglar from the old McDonald’s commercials. Maybe it’s because McDonald’s burned down, so I have it in my sub-conscience. Or maybe it’s just good marketing on their behalf. I’ve always been pleased that Metals Bank has left this old historic alarm …

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Morning Glow

Yes, it was actually sunny this morning for about a half hour, just after the sun rose. The way the sun hits the buildings on Park Street is just breathtaking at this time. Shown below from left to right: The Greek Cafe, The Imperial Block, The Ivanhoe, “44” as Silver Bow Properties calls it, and …

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The M&M Sign

I’m glad somebody purchased the M&M and plans on doing something with it! Please, pretty please will you fix it so the “M” letters will light up again? Right now just the “&,” the arrow and the “cafe” have the neon working. This photo was taken just before the sun rose, while the neon sign …

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Red Upholstery

This fine ruby red foot stool has obviously been used to its maximum. And left outside to rot, which doesn’t help its condition. Anything metal is rusted, anything red is scratched, partially rubbed off and dirty. I love photographing these types of things.