Trolly Door

Denny Dutton gave me some information on this trolly (#63), which was built in 1912 in a class of six trolleys. He told me in an e-mail that “The reason there is no door on the corner where the paint has peeled is because it was in a collision with a truck in the early …

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Alley Wall

There was a lady rustling around in the dumpster just to the right of this scene, so I was a little hesitant to stay and take photos. But I was exhausted from just getting off of work, and not having nearly enough sleep that day to begin with. So I hung in there and shot …

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Light Fixture

I love old, decorative things on the old buildings uptown, including this out-of-commission light fixture. The building is on the corner of Woolman and Main Streets. The doors and windows are boarded up, and there is a no trespassing sign. I sometimes wonder how these houses get like this. Do people try to sell the …

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