No Thoroughfare

This sign is on the side of the Butte Water Company building on Granite Street. I had a police car flash me with his spot light once and a few other cars drive by. I think they realized I was taking photos rather than causing nuisance.

Trolly Door

Denny Dutton gave me some information on this trolly (#63), which was built in 1912 in a class of six trolleys. He told me in an e-mail that “The reason there is no door on the corner where the paint has peeled is because it was in a collision with a truck in the early …

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Yellow Lock

This yellow lock is on a strange door on the back of the Mai Wah Building. The Mai Wah is next to the Silver Dollar Saloon, which is on the corner of Main and Mercury Streets. The door was above the ground by about four feet, and the door itself was only about four feet …

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