Dream Scenes

My new lens baby is amazing! It creates a shallow depth-of-field with funky streaks at the out-of-focus areas… The first photo is with my plastic lens which really creates the feeling of a painting. The second photo just the regular lens baby 2-glass optics. Notice how the center is tack sharp but the edges blur. …

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Fall Leaves at Sunset

This photo is of the trees north of Walkerville, close to where the photo was taken yesterday. It’s a combination of 5 different exposures so I could capture the sunset and detail in the trees. I also added a blur around the edge.

Storm Clouds

The sky this morning was blue and sunny except for fog on the East Ridge. Two hours later the storm clouds were rolling in and, soon after, came the hail and then snow. Here’s a photo of the storm clouds with a little sun still hitting the mountains. After that is a sped up video …

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The Highlands

This is a photo of the highlands. The clouds were moving pretty fast, which would have made for an interesting long exposure if I would have used my tripod. Unfortunately, my tripod and my telephoto lens don’t get along to well. My tripod is very short, so when I pull up the center bar any …

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