BDP is back!

BDP is back! This is a re-shoot of my past train tracks post from a few years ago (you can see that photo here). The re-shoot is for the cover of MNews, Montana Tech’s alumni publication. The reason for the re-shoot wasn’t because the original photo was bad, it was actually one of my most …

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Granite Street Panorama

This is Granite street. As far as I know, the two buildings at left are abandoned. The windows are boarded up and there is never anything really going on there. The Napton, which you can see a small amount on the right, has people living in some of the rooms.

Depot Through Alley Way

This is the depot through an alley way. It’s the same viewpoint as my reflection photo I took in the summer. I posted that photo at the bottom. It’s amazing how different things look at different times of year/different times of the day.

Under the Bridge

This is a photo of where Harrison Avenue meets Front Street. The traffic was dangerously close to me, to the point that i I knew if they slid off the road towards me I would have been ran over and seriously hurt…hopefully not dead.