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Back Porch

This is the back porch of a building on Mercury St., viewed from Park St. I’m not sure if anybody lives in this building, if so, sorry if it’s invasive at all. I love the odd green color and old chair sitting on the porch.


Here’s a combo of photos added into one. I was trying to use the auto photomerge in Photoshop, but it wasn’t lining the photos up correctly, and was skipping some. So then after about an hour of putting it together by hand perfectly, I decided I kinda liked it not perfectly lined up, and with …

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Due to a technical glitch with blogger, I was unable to post last night. The photo wouldn’t upload, so I’m posting for yesterday bright and early today, Wednesday. I changed the date to yesterday though. This photo is of a few screws on an old window sill on the building across from Steele’s. I was …

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Finally an earlier post! This shot was taken with my flash off-camera, laying on my camera bag on the ground. I kept moving the flash and tilting the head until I got it in just the right position, in order to create some texture in the brick and a natural viniette. The silhouette is me. …

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Uptown Traffic

So, obviously I have a thing for night shots. It’s fun, it’s creative, and you don’t have to get up early. Well, you could get up early and get the same shot, except nobody is really driving around at 4 a.m. Well, maybe a few people who have really early jobs. I’m actually considering starting …

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