Travonia Rainbow

Montana has amazing rainbows. I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere else. It seems like 50% of the times it rains there is a rainbow, and half of those have double rainbows (note: these statistics are completely and totally made up, it’s just my opinion, not scientific). While this photo only has one rainbow in …

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Rainbow over the Mining City

There’s beena lot of rain lately, and with that comes a lot of rainbows! In the first photo, the mine at left is the Kelly Mine. The mine at right is the Original Mine, where the main stage of the Folk Festival will be.

Finlen Rainbow

I apologize for having a rainbow for the second day in a row…but I can’t help what happens with the weather! I took this photo from Main Street, near the Federal Building. The rainbow was a double rainbow that went from the Finlen to the church north of the Federal Building. I didn’t have a …

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I was leaving my studio, and barely decided to grab my camera. I decided I would, “just in case,” even though I already had a photo to post. I started driving down Mercury St., and when I hit Arizona St. I saw a rainbow, pulled over, and it faded as I was taking photos. So …

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