Torn Down

I took the top photo few weeks ago, and the bottom photo to today. They tore down that building, so I’m really glad I got to take a photo of the building before that happened. The photo to the left is what was left after the building was tore down.


Lately I’ve been enjoying going up to the remnants of the mines near the Granite Mountain Memorial. Part of the reason I’m doing this is that I’m not sure when all of it will be torn down. Anyway, this is a wall that I’m assuming was part of one of the mining buildings.


!CAUTION! don’t wear flip flops here, unless you want a nail in your foot! I made the mistake of wearing flip flops here…I was stepping around carefully to try and avoid nails, but there was a board hidden in the weeds. I stepped slowly down, and felt my shoe sticking to something. There was a …

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